About Me

I was coming back from London the other day via Hawaii (she says, modestly), when the American passport officer asked me what I did for a living. I told him I was a travel writer coming back from London via Hawaii and he leafed through my passport looking at all the stamps.

“Wow,” he said. “What am amazing job. How did you get to do that?”

“I waited,” I said. “And I’m old.”

He looked at the date in my passport.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “Good for you.”

“What? You? 52? Get outta here,” would have been good too.

But this is where 52 has got me and only a dang fool would complain about their age when it’s only because of it that they have got to do what they love - and get paid for it. Here’s how I got to be me (although obviously I am skipping the bad bits, of which there are quite a few, but you are busy and can’t spend all day scrolling through websites, so I’ve kept it brief. Ish).

It’s the person who GAVE me this hairdo that should be stuck in here, not me!

Spreading the cantucci word at the NZ launch of Dolci di Love.
Sir Edmund Hillary and I share the same jawline but otherwise I’m much sportier.
Playing supermodels for a Woman’s Day story in NYC.
Never one to show much flesh, the town of Oamaru’s Victorian vibe suits me down to the bustle.
Putting a statue of liberty in a desert gambling town is bad news for someone who often can’t remember where she is.
I don’t know why I’m smiling – that man has a very large cleaver!
I can always find a cocktail – even on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
Lost, as usual.
When writing doesn’t pay my way, I take to selling punkins.
It looks like I’m flying this whirly-gig, but I’m not. I hope.
  • Watch This Space

  • Books Galore

    Published Screw You Dolores: A Wicked Approach to Happiness in April and Heavenly Hirani’s School of Laughing Yoga in November. Quite a big year so needed a lie down. 

  • I Heart New York

    Published The Wedding Bees after extensive research in my favourite city in all the world.

  • Under A Tuscan Bun

    Published Dolci di Love after extensive research in my favourite medieval hilltop town in all the world.

  • Swapsies

    Started writing Date With Sarah-Kate for NZ Woman’s Day and became Travel Editor.

  • Missing a Cherry?

    Published On Top Of Everything after spotting Woody Allen in Central Park.

  • Say More Yeast?

    Published House of Peine/Joy/Daughters after drinking a lot of champagne.

  • Hic

    Drank a lot of champagne.

  • Say What?

    Published Eating With the Angels after coming very close to an almost-angel.

  • Say Bread

    Published Bread Alone – another novel in my yeast series. My carbiest book to date.

  • Say Cheese

    Published Blessed Are (The Cheesemakers) which sold around the world.

  • Another Career is Kick-started

    Due to lack of any other work opportunities, decided to write Finding Tom Connor while lovely ginger husband was Art Directing on The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

  • A Door Opens

    Started writing Modern Girl’s Guide to Life in NZ Woman’s Weekly.

  • A Career Is Quashed

    Was made redundant from a newspaper features department by voice mail.

  • A Book Is Born

    Wrote Stuff It: A Wicked Approach to Dieting about always being on a diet but never being thin.

  • A Door Slams

    Was fired from a breakfast radio show for reasons that remain unclear but which involved a white board.

  • Big Time Back Home

    Became youngest editor of iconic magazine New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, possibly by mistake.

  • Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello

    Moved to London because that’s where everyone else was going.

  • Sexy Times, Or Not

    Moved to Sydney to work on Cleo magazine because of male centrefold only to find out the centrefolds had been dropped (not drooped).

  • Small Town Girl

    Could still only get a job at the Taupo Times despite expert forgery.

  • Away With Words

    Graduated from Wellington Polytech with a Diploma in Journalism that had many an E grade when I picked it up, but many a B+ when it made it’s way out into the world.

  • Where It All Began

    Born in Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand, the second of five children – and some say the most adorable (although not any of the other four) – to Margaret Agnes and the late Stanislaus Jerome Lynch.