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Sarah-Kate Lynch has written 12 books and writes two weekly columns for NZ Woman's Day.

Obviously this makes her sound very grown-up and clever when in fact she quite often slides off her chair, rolls over to the couch, picks up the remote and watches an episode of Mad Men or 30 Rock when she should be working.

You can find her on Facebook as Sarah-Kate Lynch - Writer (another good way for her to use up some writing time) or follow her on Twitter which is not so helpful for time-wasting purposes as everything is only 140 characters and Sarah-Kate’s sneezes are longer than 140 characters. She’s also on Instagram which she loves because it’s only pictures.

She usually lives in a cliff-top house on the wild west coast of New Zealand but likes to escape whenever possible for "research" purposes to far-flung spots in pretty parts of the world where she enjoys the local cuisine and the odd glass of wine.

Also, she will be quick to point out - should you ever accuse her of constantly being on holiday – that as Travel Editor of New Zealand’s biggest-selling weekly magazine it is her JOB to be in foreign parts, so you can rack off if you think it’s all beer and skittles. 

Even if it is actually all beer and skittles.

Sarah-Kate has a very nice husband called The Ginger and a lazy Kerry blue terrier called Ted. One can be found lying at her feet staring at her adoringly and the other is a dog.

When not performing feats displaying her spectacular literary prowess, she enjoys making things up and talking about herself in the third person.

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