Good Bye Chilblains, Hello Hat Hair

Four countries in one week - no wonder my hair looks like a fluffy slipper that's been left in the rain and then put in the microwave. I was very sad to leave my dear friends in Dublin but very happy to greet my other old friend, New York City. The trip from Newark airport to the Soho apartment I've rented took less than half an hour and so I was forced to sit in Lucky Strike cafe and bar and scarf down a nicoise salad and a cheeky little glass of rose while waiting for my check-in. I thought Hong Kong was cold and Dublin possibly colder but New York takes the cake. I think snow may even be on the horizon. Having travelled all the way from New Zealand, home of Icebreaker thermal wear, it was with some amusement that I found myself in their Soho store today piling on the layers to ward off hypothermia. The good news is that my husband has also arrived in New York now so can get about the business of feeding and watering me as I am quite hungry and quite thirsty. But no longer cold.




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