Twittering and Tweeting

I feel as though I have embraced the social networking as much as is humanly possible given that I don't really understand how anything works. I've been Facebooking and Tweeting and Blogging my little heart out and I just found a Tweet button to put on my website but it keeps getting away onmy and flying off to other parts of the page where I don't think it is particularly useful so I'm just trying to trap it (in a PETA way of course) to see if it will stay still for a while and do me some good. By the way, does anybody play Mah Jong? My neighbour Annette tried to teach me one year but a combination of too much wine and too much Chinese writing on the Maj Jong tiles proved a little too much for me. However I do remember that something twitters. OK, now I'm going to try tweeting this and see what happens. If I end up in China, you will know it all went horribly wrong.




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