Go on, make my Day

After having a cup of tea and a lie down for a bit I will be writing two (yes, count them, two) weekly columns for New Zealand Woman's Day magazine from this week on. One column is about life as a mildly befuddled wife of a lovable Ginger and the other is about holidays. Oh yes, if you thought I went on holiday too much before, you were wrong. Turns out there is no such thing as too much holiday. Plus in my new capacity as Travel Editor of the all-new Woman's Day travel page I think I might even get to wear a special sash and maybe even a crown.

On top of this, I have a Book Club starting in Next magazine as of their May issue which is out next week. This is in addition to Next's existing fabulous books pages which shows an immense commitment to reading that, as a writer, warms the cockles of my heart although I don't get to wear a special outfit, just the usual writer's one, I suppose, which I think includes a caftan and a scarf. Hm. I must check that out.

Anyway, what makes writers even happier than caftans is readers, so I am hoping that those who have read my columns in the past will continue to do so, and those who have never heard of me will not stay that way.

The Ginger says he will continue not to read my columns wherever they are which is probably just as well because I make him out to have only half a brain and not be much chop at operating even that.

In the meantime, I remain in New York launching my seventh novel Dolci di Love (don't think I've stopped banging on about THAT yet either) and researching my next one (tentatively titled Love Honey Manners). In fact, I'm just on my way over to the Narrows Botanic Gardens to visit some bees. So, wish me luck, and if you're in New Zealand, see you in the Day.

If you're in the US, see you in New York NY, Charleston SC, Denver CO, Durango CO, Albuquerque NM and San Francisco (details coming soon).
If you're in the Narrows Botanic Gardens, please, don't sting.




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