Why I Love New York

New Yorkers have a reputation for being brusque (she says, politely) but I've personally never found that and I love that they're chatty because I'm chatty too. On Sunday we went on a walking tour of the Lower East Side operated out of the amazing Tenement Museum. As our guide Nick (whose mother lives in New Zealand!) lead us up Orchard Street explaining the history of the buildings, a customer outside a new cigar shop interrupted to tell us that his grandfather had owned an apparel shop in the street since the 1930s but this guy himself had not been downtown for 30 years and couldn't believe how much it had changed. As he sat outside sucking on his stogie, he said if he hadn't been told it was Orchard Street, he never would have recognized it. Around the corner the famous Streit's Matzos factory was open - Nick said it only operates for two weeks around Passover so we were lucky, and as we passed a young customer came out munching on his matzo and then offered one around our group. Most were too shy to take him up but not I! "Happy Passover!" he said before striding down Rivington Street. On Monday it was a beautiful day (alas, the April weather has not been a reason to heart NYC) so we took the ferry to and from Staten Island which is free and an absolute must-do for perving at the Statue of Liberty. Getting back into the Subway to go uptown, only one gate was working and the guy behind me in the queue was getting agitated so I said he could go in front of us. "Oh no," he said. "I'm not in a hurry, I'm just turning into THAT New Yorker. It started with people on the wrong side of the stairways and now look at me."

I really do love New York.




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