Dolci in New York

Dolci in New York

Put next Thursday, April 21, in your diary if you are in or near New York because I'm having a launch party for Dolci di Love. It's at Domus, the homeware store of friends of ours, Nicki and Luisa, and how I met them and have ended up having a launch party there is a story in itself. I was in New York researching Eating With The Angels, about 7 years ago and had been for brunch with Mark and my sister Rachael in Hell's Kitchen. I had to head back to the Gourmet food conference I was attending but on the way we passed this cute little store and went inside. We soon got chatting with the owners, as you do, who said they hoped to go to New Zealand and did we know any NZ writers. Not only did we know one, I was one, and what's more I had a copy of Blessed Are The Cheesemakers in my bag so I gave it to them. When Nicki and Luisa went to NZ they went into a cafe in Queenstown, where we lived at the time, and asked if anyone knew us. The owner was one of my BFFs, Cath Hanna, so happily gave them our details but it being a very small world, we had already spotted Nicki and Luisa in the street!



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