Kate and Wills Tie The Knot

Not many things can get me up at 6am to drink mimosas but Kate and Wills' royal wedding is one of them*. I'm in Charleston, South Carolina, watching the nuptials unfold on the television as I sit here in my jammies (and pearls) glued to the goings on in Westminster Abbey. For reasons unknowneven to my inner consciousness, I have been in floods of tears ever since I saw Kate get into the car at the Goring Hotel. She seems perfect to me, and there is her sister looking like a Grecian goddess, her father walking her up the aisle in front of a billion people, her brother doing a reading. What a family. Here's one for the commoners. They are doing us proud. Normally I take a snooze during sermons, and that's without the mimosas, but I loved how the Bishop of London started with the quote from Saint Catherine of Siena: "Be who you want to be and you will set the world on fire." What a wonderfully apt beginning to a wedding ceremony where one of us becomes a princess.

*Actually drinking mimosas is a very pleasant way to start the day. Might make it a regular thing.



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