You Think You Can Do Better?

My blog seems to get the pip if I ignore it for more than five days. If I turn my attention to other things then when I turn it back it won't accept me writing anything unless I verify myself which requires remembering email addresses and passwords - like I don't have enough of those already. This blog is supposed to be my friend! Does it not think I have better things to do? I'm writing a book, for Pete's sake. Mind you, writing a book can be time consuming and more often than not panic striking but no novel of mine has ever, touch wood, required me to verify myself. Usually I get the impression a novel doesn't much care who I am as long as I turn up every now and then and make sure it gets a cover in the end. You know what, Blog? Now I come to think about it, if anything, I should be asking you for verification. Just try sending yourself an email to make sure it's you and see how far you get. Hm! Who do you think pays the bills around here? It would behoove yourself, Blog, to remember that you are nothing, I say nothing, without me. Whoever I am.



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