In Which A Writer Fails to Write What's Right

I seem to have gotten so used to talking about books that I may have forgotten how to write one which is a bit of a shame as I have a massive deadline looming perilously close and yet my word count remains painfully the same. I really should stop checking it, especially when I know I haven't written anything since I checked it the last time. It's not writer's block either, by the way. It is bum-on-seat-aversion. I have yet, touch wood, to ever sit at my computer and not have anything to say. But I have a BIG problem making myself sit at the computer. This morning, for example, I have had two breakfasts, walked the dog, met a friend for coffee, walked the dog again, checked my emails, checked my word count, had another coffee, checked my word count again, and now I am writing my blog. Is this getting my As Yet Untitled Manhattan Rooftop Honey Bees book written? No, it is not. Oh! That's an idea! What I need to inspire me to keep my butt planted in this chair is some HONEY. But I can't reach it from here so I guess I had better get up and go...




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