One Woman's Chisel Is Another One's Sponge

After accidentally watching lunch time TV I was moved to feel bad about my lack of chiselled abs.

I try to exercise every day but no matter how hard I work at it, my abs remain unchiselled. Even if they were chiselled, they would appear to be buried deep beneath the rather more spongey elements of my torso so I'm not sure I would ever get to see them.

I know what my friend Ronnie would say if I was stupid enough to complain about my flabs. (Actually, I was stupid enough.)

She would say (1) "That's what clothes are for!" (Actually, she did say that.)

To which I would add (2) I don't have to watch lunch time TV and will make a point not to.

Thanks to Pascale, by the way, for joining me in Kate Spadedom and to Paula for emailing me to tell me about the church pastor who started the craze where if you had an ungrateful, uncharitable or whiny thought you pinged a bracelet on your wrist then had to swap it to the other wrist.

The aim was to keep the bracelet on the same wrist for 30 days.

A lot of people ended up with very sore wrists.

Still, whining is just a habit and the good thing about habits is that at least you can change them even if you do have to go to rehab but even so (1) you might make friends with someone famous while you're there and (2) a change is as good as a rest.



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