A Delicate Touch

In the February issue of Next I review Delicacy by David Foenkinos. Translated from French, it's won all the fancy pants awards it can in France and the author himself has written and directed a film version of it starring Audrey Tatou. It's the sort of book I love: a quirky romance between a grieving French beauty and a gawky Swedish office worker. David Foenkinos sounds like a guy worth catching up with for a glass of wine too. A Parisian, here are his top 5 favourite things to do in the City of Lights...

David Foenkinos’s 5 Favourite Things to do in Paris

  1. Go and fetch my son from school
  2. Wander through the bookshops along the Seine
  3. Watch the women pass by when I’m sitting outside a café
  4. Go right to the top of the Buttes Chaumont park
  5. Stay in bed at home

I'm going to Paris later in the year - a significant birthday is going to be avoided there - and I vow to do everything but fetch his son from school. I'd even do that if he asked me.

In readiness, (for Paris in general, not the school run) I went to see Midnight in Paris again during the week. The LA Times says this is the biggest box officer earner of his career and I like it a lot, plus the city itself has a starring role.

However nothing will ever beat Annie Hall.



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