Thank You Julie

Thanks to your comment from the last blog, Julie, I have discovered that I do have a button just like the one you described. Exhibit A is to the left. How about that!!

Gosh, last April was busy. So was February. I shall attempt to keep up the fair-to-middling work this year.

Off to do my Tracey Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout DVD now. I bought it by mistake as I am not post pregnant, I'm extremely not post pregnant, but when it arrived I was quite pleased as I thought never having had children would give me an advantage when it came to the exercises.

It did not.

If this is how the celebrity yummy mummies get their bodies back they deserve to be size why-bother.




  • I simply buy a bottle after I have received it and I 'll post results in a week. Never believe this stuff.
    11/15/2016 12:23:03 PM Reply

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