The Case of the Missing Blog

The blog below this one was missing in action for almost a week because my Twitter button ate it. Don't ask me how I did that, or how it got back, but in chasing it down I managed to work out how to get my blog on the same hemisphere as myself and upload photos. Honestly, it's a miracle I ever got past the typewriter.

Anyway, my lovely ginger husband and I have just celebrated our 19th anniversary and like most couples, we spent quite a lot of time "discussing" what we should do to celebrate this romantic milestone, so much time, in fact, that we began to wonder how the heck we had lasted 19 years in the first place.

We thought about going out for lunch but the place we wanted to go to was booked, so we thought about going out for dinner but he had an early start the next day, then we thought about going to the movies but the only seats were at the front etc etc etc.

In the end, we had a romantic dinner at home and spent the wet, windy afternoon watching DVDs. The Tree of Life? I'm sorry. If I wanted to watch 20 minutes of science experiments I would go to my friend Liam's lab. So, Brad Pitt wouldn't be there but I wouldn't slip into a coma either. (Love Jessica Chastain though - she was brilliant in The Help. Oh, and The Debt.)

Luckily, the Ginger had also picked up Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris which I had seen at the movies on my own in New York but liked it a lot better sitting with him, sipping rose and wondering what we'll be doing for our 20th anniversary! Won't start that discussion just yet though...

(The photo is our place at sunset, by the way.)



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