Famous Stomachs I Will Never Know

Today I plan to do the Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy Workout again. I am not post-pregnant. I'm the most not post-pregnant you can get but I bought the DVD by mistake then when it arrived thought I would try it anyway as surely not being post-pregnant would give me a huge advantage.

It did not.

How anyone can do these exercises after having a baby, I cannot imagine. I have been doing stomach crunches for about 35 years and still can't keep up with Tracy. The last time I tried this DVD it was so hard that I stopped paying attention and lay on the floor wondering if I could de-rust my sewing machine enough to make new blinds. Then I started wondering if Gwyneth and Madonna ever stopped doing their exercises and wondered such things. Then the dog licked my face which I really don't like. Then I thought Gwyneth and Madge probably have special exercise studios and are not doing their routines in the little space at the end of the bed with the orange juice stain on the carpet. Then I felt like drinking some orange juice so I went and got some and Tracy just had to do those hideous exercises without me.

This time I'll try harder.



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