Madge, Me and OMG, Paree

I just bought tickets to see Madonna. In Paris.

Although the instructions for purchase of said billets were in French, so I think it is Madonna, and I think it is in Paris, and I have no clue what the extra 10 Euros was for but what the hey.

I first saw Madonna in London at Wembley in the early 90s and again in the 00s in New York so to be seeing her in Paris in the year of a significant birthday is just about the best present I could have bought myself.

Also, it was a relatively stress free online experience. Not being able to read the fine print really sped things up. I nearly had a heart attack buying tickets to George Michael a few years back and they were in English but I ended up accidentally buying two lots, paying an enormous fortune, getting one lot sent to the wrong address and it was a miracle I ever made it in the end but I did and it was worth it to be right up the front and within spitting distance of one of my musical idols (although I didn't spit, and neither did he).

This time, I don't know or care where I will be standing or sitting and it seemed like a bargain. I mean, it's Madonna. In Paris.

I think.



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