UP, UP and AWAY!

UP, UP and AWAY!

The second I had typed THE END on Sugar Honey, I flew to New Zealand's deep south for a weekend of incredible adventure. We started off drinking Hokonui moonshine (not for the faint of heart), then cuddled tuataras (the reptiles not the clams), ogled the truck museum (way more amazing than you would imagine), drooled over Burt Munro's Fastest Indian, then flew in a Tiger Moth from Croydon Aircraft company at Mandeville. I am not usually actually that adventurous, especially in an upside down far off the ground way, but when the Ginger husband took off in the Tiger and did whoop-de-woo in the skies above me, I suddenly thought I could do that too but without the whoop-de-woo. Flying above the beautiful New Zealand countryside in this perfectly restored bi plane was such a thrill, I just can't tell you. Much quieter than I thought. Peaceful really. I felt like a bird. And Tiger Moth Flying Helmet Hair is so much better than any other hat hair I have ever had, and I've had a lot of hat hair. 



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