When Moving At A Glacial Pace Is A Good Thing

When Moving At A Glacial Pace Is A Good Thing

OK, so it turns out that heli-hiking on Fox Glacier is one of the most amazing things a person can do. I didn’t know that glaciers were like really, really, really slow-moving frozen rapids but when you are actually on one that’s exactly how it seems. They change every day, too, as the ice pushes down the mountain and forms caves and waterfalls and pools and such. There are many other interesting facts about glaciers that I did not listen to because I was so busy going “Wow! I’m on a glacier!”

Our guide, Passang, was from the Himalayas so he really knows his mountains, although the one we were on probably barely counts as one. It certainly counted for me though. I got to wear crampons! Yes, crampons! I never thought THAT would happen.

Wave Wars is not going well, though. After a stretch of 12 non-returners the day before yesterday, the Ginger gave up and nothing I could do would make him start again. Yesterday we tried something new. He waved no matter what and I trilled, “Cheers, Buddy!” in a super-chirpy voice to the ones who didn’t wave back. I thought that by “acting as if” people not waving back was OK, it would be OK.

It was not.

After my first 10 “Cheers, Buddy!” I was ready to “act as if” it was me wanting to chase the f***ers down and kill them.

We spent yesterday afternoon at Warbirds Over Wanaka and the pilot of the passing Spitfire waved back, for heaven’s sake.




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