If You Can't Beat 'Em

Awwww, when the Mighty Mau Mau got us to Mt Cook, we didn't give a feather nor a fig who waved at us. Actually we didn't have a feather nor a fig but we had some walnuts and no one asked us for them but if they had, we would have gladly parted ways. (I'd already tried to crack open the little buggers but no luck.)

Our excitement at landing the MMM at the base of New Zealand's biggest mountain was somewhat diluted by locking both our wallets and phones in the campervan safe, only to not be able to unlock it again. The clever Ginger (a) sent me off on a walk as I would be doing the wrong sort of "helping" according to him and (b) skype called the Maui roadside assistance team who told him how to unlock it.

There are gale force wind warnings out which I actually don't need because the gale force gusts are throwing the MMM around like a rubber dinghy but I'm sure we will be OK. We have walnuts after all. Gggrrrrr....




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