Au Revoir l'ile du Sud

Au Revoir l'ile du Sud

Back home now after our final stop in the fallen and rising again city of Christchurch.

After 10 days of so much scenic beauty in our glorious South Island, it was a giant kick in the guts to be reminded that nature isn’t always so kind and sweet.

In the case of Christchurch, “violent” is the word that kept springing to mind.

Actually, I cried a lot, which is embarrassing because I was only visiting, but my heart just broke for the city itself and for the amazing, incredible, inspirational everyday Christchurch folk who are just picking up the pieces and getting on with it.

Go to Ng Space in Madras St if you're in the neighbourhood. I bought a BEAUTIFUL jacket at this phoenix-from-the-ashes store that's long been a favourite. And across the carpark, grab a coffee at C4 which has relocated there. We finally found the right sized thingamibob to tamp down the coffee at home, plus had a piece of ginger slice which was a bit cakey for my own personal taste but had sensational icing/base ratio.

There’s still much to do and see in this southern city and for my money the best way to support the locals is to go there and buy the coffee, cakes, glasses of rose, smoked fish, shoes, jackets etc etc etc.

And I’m not just saying that because I like eating and drinking and shopping.

OK, maybe just a little bit.

Love you Christchurch.



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