THE DAY has finally arrived!

THE DAY has finally arrived!

The jour of my Significant anniversaire finally arrived, much to the Ginger’s relief - although he doesn’t know that I plan to celebrate the entire moin if not the ans.

We started the day with a visit to Sacre Coeur, the very top of which we can see from the bedroom in our apartment if we stand on one leg on a stool and sing Frere Jacque. Luckily this is what we are quite often doing anyway.

In the church we lit a candle for my late aunt Nance and the Ginger’s sister Nicky. Then we wondered how much fun it would be to say, when people asked you what you did for a living: “I’m the guy who scrapes the wax off the floor at Sacre Coeur.”

We had just passed a mobile silver polisher on a moped but decided Sacre Coeur wax scraper was better.

After that, we got flossied up and headed to Le Bristol Hotel in the 8th arrondissement and more particularly, to Epicure, the Michelin 3 star restaurant within.

Next to the French Laundry in Napa Valley, this was my most favourite meal ever. The room itself is worth two stars: perfect ambience, light and a décor that matched my outfit. It was a drab day but because the room looks out into the hotel gardens it didn’t matter.

Four courses with many an extra cream of this or soup of that or sherbert of the other in between. Delightful service and not at all stuffy considering we are clearly not people who eat like this all the time.

Superbe. And unbeatable people watching, even in the lounge on the way out where the rich and fabulous were taking afternoon tea. One gent in royal blue from head to toe, including socks and shoes, particularly sticks in my mind.

A sensational way to turn Significant.



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