Why We Love The Brits

The Ginger and I were just browsing in Fortnum and Mason in London which is particularly exquisite at the moment because of all the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee paraphernalia on sale.

Hamper including Jubilee teapot and four tea cups anyone?

I had just found a tea cosy that I thought particularly fetching but the Ginger had got away on me and as I was looking around for him, a beautifully spoken Fortnum and Mason male shop assistant asked if I needed any help.

“Only if you know what my husband looks like and can summon him,” I said.

“Certainly, ma’am. The gentleman with the red shoulder bag is just over to the left there behind that pillar,” says he.

I admiringly suggested he was taking being helpful to a whole new level to which he replied: “We call it customer service.”

Take that, rest of the world!



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