I'm Not Even Going To Apologize

I'm Not Even Going To Apologize

Eating baguettes in Paris and sailing in a gulet on the Turkish coast are both more fun than blogging. That's all I will say.

However, the gulet has sailed on without me and the Ginger husband has too. Work has called him back to New Zealand leaving me alone in Paris with nothing but a mountain of work and a lot of cheese.

He says he has to go home because I have been spending money like a drunken sailor and I say wearing a lot of stripey tops does not make me nautical.

So now the fun dial has been turned down a notch or two I am going to blog every single day and I am also going to go to French lessons and learn to eavesdrop because it's really killing me not knowing what all the perfect strangers sitting practically on top of me smoking their brains out are getting so excited about.

I tried to learn French here once before a few years ago but that didn't really pan out so I am going to try a different school this time and hopefully the teacher hasn't moved there. I didn't mean to say "I hope a horse eats your hat and then poops on you".
I couldn't say that if I tried.

Wish me luck.




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