Up And Over in Berlin

Up And Over in Berlin

Paris, I love you.

Madrid, I'm IN love with you.

Milan, you're my secret.

But Berlin - you are the dangerous boy with the crazy good looks and weirdo hair who never knew I was alive but who I was mad about anyway.

And you know how a girl will always feel about one of those.

I've just arrived in London but my mind is still full of my five full-on days in Berlin. What a city. So many galleries and museums, so many brand new and startling old buildings, so much history - most of it pretty fresh - and such great shopping, bars and eateries.

And did I mention the bridges? Did YOU knew Berlin has more bridges than Venice?

Highlights included a tour of the Bundestag in the famous Reichstag building which now has an egg-shaped Norman Foster glass dome on top of it, and a bike tour of where the Berlin Wall was. Unbelieeeeeeeeevable. Being whipped by gale force winds and driving rain only added to the experience.

Although as you can perhaps tell from the mid-July garb in the photo above (taken by the East Side Gallery which was an inner wall), I was moved to wear all my clothes at once. And then still wished I had more.

I'm in London now - very smooth sailing at Heathrow Terminal 5 - and the sun is shining. Think I might grab one of Boris's bikes and go for a tootle around Hyde Park.

Might only need to wear half my clothes. Question is - top or bottom?



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