What? No Ants? Nos Vamos!

What? No Ants? Nos Vamos!

OK, so I’m a bit behind on the blogging but in a nutshell, left Paris for Berlin, then left Berlin for London. Stayed in amazing penthouse apartment. Actually, over-stayed in amazing penthouse apartment. Note to anyone else who has an amazing penthouse apartment: never invite me to stay in it because it will be extremely hard to get me to leave. Especially if you have a cinema room and the Olympics are on. All residents of Rio, take note. See above? That's the view from the deck of the amazing penthouse apartment in London on the night of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Residents of Rio, if you want to be my friend your amazing penthouse apartment needs a good view of the Olympic venues. OK?

Now the next chapter begins. In my hot little hand I have two Eurail passes and at my hot little feet I have three weeks. We are currently in San Sebastian in northern Spain and already I don’t want to use the train passes because I want to stay here and just keep eating the food.

The San Sebastian version of tapas is called pinxtos and every night at about 8.30 the pinxtos bars suddenly swell with food and hungry people. I have already been hungry for about three hours by 8.30 so no one has a hope in hell of elbowing me out of the way but they certainly try.

We’ve been here two nights and already we have three favourite pinxtos bars. We’ll be going back to them again in about nine hours and seven minutes. Not that I’m counting. Are you kidding? I’m counting. Will have to fill in time going to the beach first.


How can you eat 94 course meals and bucket loads of pinxtos and retain your girlish figure I hear you ask?

Good question.

If anyone knows the answer, please alert me at once.



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