Change of Name

OK, so here's the thing. I am a really useless blogger. I've spent nearly four years apologizing for that but, erm, I don't really want to do that any more. The trouble is that every time I am doing something that is really, really, really worth blogging about, I am having too much fun doing it to go and find a computer to write about it. That can't be wrong, can it? I don't know how everyone else finds the time but as my Mum used to say, "If everyone else went and jumped in the lake, would you too?" If it was hot and the lake had a bar, yes. Otherwise, not so much. So I herebytofore proclaim that I am done with feeling bad about my bloglessness.

In the meantime, our train trip around Spain surpassed expectations (to find out about Eurail passes check out .

Train is THE way to travel in Europe. No airport security, no lengthy queues, mostly no taxis even. We wheeled our bags to the stations in Bilbao and Cannes and subwayed it to the stations in Madrid and Barcelona.

We sadly bid the railway tracks good-bye in Florence and got on a bus to Panzano, a little town about an hour away in the Tuscan hills - just a coo-ee away from the setting for Dolci di Love. Four months away, two of them in Paris, sailing off Turkey's turqouise coast notwithstanding, and do you know what - I think Tuscany is the most beautiful place in the world. I think I might just have to set another book there.

Speaking of which, I am now doing the final copy edit of The Wedding Bees. Hurrah! Buzz buzz. Then my plan is to work on a little something non-fictitious, followed by a taste of Paris and then, perhaps, something meaty in Tuscany.

Not bad considering that when I set off in April I wasn't sure I wanted to write anything ever again.

Not even a blog.

Which this isn't.



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