In Guilt We Trust

Hopefully the new pope will get rid of Catholic guilt because I can't take much more. I suffer so badly from guilt that I can't even skip a track on a CD because I feel bad for the one I'm not going to listen to. What has it ever done to deserve that? Apart from not have such a snappy bit in the middle like the one before it or words you can actually understand like the one after it? Some mornings I actually feel bad about stepping on my shoes, even though without them my feet would hurt. These days, I don't buy ice cream cones because how will the hokey pokey feel if I go for chocolate chip cookie dough? Chocolate chip cookie dough wasn't even born when hokey pokey was in its heyday. Should all the oldies but goodies be discarded when the new sweetest thang comes to town? Anyways, there's only so much you can do, and after months of feeling bad about not updating my blog, I have just done it. Guilt 1 - SKL 1. Good result.




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