Taste of A Woman's Day

Taste of A Woman's Day

A lot of the time I'm writing books or travel stories but actually my main job is a column called Date With Sarah-Kate that appears every week in NZ Woman's Day. I've been writing a version of this column for about 15 years - it's like a blog but from the dark ages before blogs were invented. For once I was ahead of my time, sort of, although not really, because columns came first. Er, anyway, it's for people who buy the magazine - a group of which I am obviously particularly fond - so it does not get shared on the Interweb but my lovely editor Sido Kitchin, with whom I have been associated since way before people even had cell-phones, has kindly agreed to let me display the odd one for those who can't get the magazine. It may go part way to explaining why my blogging is haphazard. Don't you love that word? It looks as wonky as it means.



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