South Island Here I come

South Island Here I come

Well, my dear sweet lovely little baby, The Wedding Bees, has finally hit the shelves. It's been a long time coming - my own fault but I do blame the fact that the day only has 24 hours in it and I'm a gal who really likes her sleep. And who writes two weekly columns and up until this month, a monthly one. And is always behind on her exercise. And her communications with friends and family. And updating Facebook. And her blog. Oh sheyoot: that reminds me, I have a whole other blog somewhere else that I have completely forgotten about! Must track that down so I can ignore it some more. Anyhoo, I'm just doing two events for The Wedding Bees: one in our lovely fallen (but not for long) city, Christchurch, and one in my old stomping ground, Arrowtown. They're going to be like my very own book club but bigger so as well as hearing me talk about The Wedding Bees, I'll be talking about other books as well. Or, if it really is like my very own book club, we will spend five minutes talking about books and then an hour talking about where to get your legs waxed and how to find the perfect red lipstick.




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