Sugar And The Royals

Sugar And The Royals

I came across a scribbled note while cleaning out my office yesterday that reminded me of one of the inspirations for the character of Sugar in The Wedding Bees. I was sitting up in the early hours of the morning at The Vendue Inn in Charleston and as the Ginger snored loudly in the bed, I was glued to the television, sobbing as I watched Kate Middleton transform into Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Now there's a fairytale if ever there was one. 

But it was not the lacy detail of Kate's dress or the cut of Pippa's jib that ended up scrawled on that note; it was the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Now as any of the nuns who taught me 104 years ago would tell you, I am most unlikely to scrawl anything religious, much to their chagrin, but on the occasion of the royal wedding, the words that struck me were a quote from the new duchess's namesake St Catherine of Siena: "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." 

In my mind I translated that to mean "be who YOU are meant to be" as opposed to the person you might have accidentally turned into, which could be someone so tangled up in the weeds of the past that the future is starting to look far from rosy. That's the journey for my old-fashioned beekeeper, so thank you, both Catherines, for adding a little Sugar. 




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