Paris, je t'aime

Paris, je t'aime

It could hardly be said I took the short route to Paris coming as I did via Sydney, Honolulu, Kauai, LA and London.

This may explain why I was wide awake at 4am this morning. After reading for a couple of hours (Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings, loving it) I decided to get up and go discover Paris before anyone else did.

Last year when I was here I was staying in Montmartre but this year I am across the river in the 6th, just a single block from the Seine and another one from Notre Dame.

At 6 this morning the streets were deserted and it was like being on another planet. The light was gorgeous, the cathedral was reflected in the river, as were the red traffic lights here and there.

It was just me and the street sweepers for the most part, with the odd jogger pounding the quays beside the river and a few sleepy pigeons flapping about. After exhausting my camera battery I stopped in at the delightful St Regis café on the Ile-St-Louis and had an expensive but disgusting coffee with a cheap but sensational croissant. I’m OK with that.

But I’m in Paris. I’m OK with everything.

Funnily enough (although the Ginger would say it’s not funny at all) I’m here to research what will be my 10th novel - to be called, at this point, We As In Yes – the idea for which I came up with last year on the LAST day of my two-month stay here.


It would have been a tad handier to have come up with the idea on the FIRST day of my two-month stay because then I would not have had to come back. Oh well!

The slight complication with We As In Yes is that in between having the idea, planning the research trip and getting to Paris I accidentally wrote another novel: Heavenly Hirani’s School of Laughing Yoga.

I only finished the first draft of it the day I left for France, therefore finding myself ever so slightly behind the 8 ball on the what-I-actually-need-to-be-researching-while-I’m-here front.

On the plus side, I’ve written another novel.

On the minus side, I may need to come back to Paris again. Again.




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