Hello and welcome to my shiny new website.

Back in the day, I was actually relatively quick – for a late adapter - to have a website, as my first (and only other) one was hosted by the American Author’s Guild which has a series of templates any ninny can select and then hey presto! You’re on-line.

It was pretty basic - sort of website-by-numbers - but quite suited to someone who would still be working on an old Olympic typewriter if she could find one.

However, despite its simplicity, I could never remember quite how to work it, so didn’t update it as often as I wanted to, and for a while there I couldn’t even remember the password to get into the jolly thing.

Posting photos was quite laborious and at one stage I changed credit cards and inadvertently stopped paying my bill, reminders of which went into my junk file, and I was none the wiser until I went to find myself one day and I was not there.

(If you’ve read SCREW YOU DOLORES you will know that I rate finding yourself and it’s a subject I’m further delving into in HEAVENLY HIRANI’S SCHOOL OF LAUGHING YOGA, which comes out on November 7.)

Since I had that first website the world has changed enormously. Blogs are everywhere, mine in particular - literally. At one stage I had three, in different places, none of which I could easily get my hands on and eventually, such was my confusion that I was writing blogs on a piece of paper and posting them on the fridge where only I could see them, because at least I could manage that.

Then, after years of resisting Facebook I joined it, my posts now get Tweeted, I Instagram occasionally and it’s no wonder I’m confused about where everything is and how, but a girl has to get with the programme and if it’s written in a different language, she needs help.

Which is why I have been working with a lovely young designer called Alicia Morley who understands this new modern world far better than I and who has cleverly been able to bring everything together under one roof, so to speak, and here we are right now at

You can check out my travel stories, buy books, ask questions or just look at the pictures.

And I promise to update my blog more often now that I could find it in the dark blind drunk with only one eye open so if you’re a Sarah-Kate Lynch fan, you’ll join me here whenever you feel like it. There’s so much to see and read and I hope you love it as much as I do.






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