Tuscany 2009

Right now I am working on novel number seven, either called Dolci di Love or The Secret League of Widowed Darners or something entirely different. In the interests of research, I again headed to Tuscany, this time without my faithful manservant in tow.

I spent a week not learning Italian at Il Sasso language school in Montepulciano and then another week also not learning Italian at a gorgeous rented house in Montisi. I did learn how to make cantucci, a type of biscotto, though, and torta della nonna, a custard pie.

I then had to go on Gwyneth Paltrow's detox diet when I got home because I don't eat meat and Tuscany is full of it, which means I turn to cheese. I practically looked like one by the time I got home but actually I could live on pecorino, a sheep's cheese typical of the region. Well, I did live on it, with quite a lot of mozzarella thrown in.



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