Yikes, is that the time?

I'm astonished that it has been four months since I last posted anything. Where does the time go? This certainly explains my wrinkles but not much else.

Since October, we have moved back to New Zealand from the Gold Coast of Australia. I loved it there so was a little bit bitter to begin with but now that summer is here, finally, I'm cheering up. And thawing out.

Also we had an amazing trip to New York for Christmas and New Year. I'll tell you more about that when I get the time to write it up (brief mention in "new stuff") but in the meantime I am working my fingers to the bone (although they remain strangely fleshy) on As Yet Untitled which has me salivating over the thought of Tuscan cookies to the point where I think I am baking more than I am writing.

This could explain the time it is taking.

Ciao, ciao!

(I used to hate it when people came back from Italy saying ciao, ciao and now I am one.)



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