Day Two of Aforementioned Attempt

Well, absolutely nothing has happened since yesterday although I have been hard at work on my new novel, Dolci di Love, otherwise known as As Yet Untitled. As the word "dolci" might suggest, it's about sweet things in Italy, with a bit of love (and heartbreak thrown in). I thought I had finished it earlier this year but it turns out I was wrong, so now I am due to really finish it this time by the end of the month and then it will come out in the US this time next year.

The good thing about it is that the dolci in question is a type of biscotti so whenever I get sick of sitting at my computer (not just a bit sick of it, I have to be really sick of it) I jump up and make biscotti and still consider that this is "work". I am experimenting with recipes but have rather stupidly not written anything down so I can't remember what I did differently last time. All I know is that sugar is good. And if you add flour and eggs and chocolate and dried cranberries and bake it twice, it is even better.



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