Extreme Update

Look, here I am again! And I found out about the posts too. Oh yes I'm all technological now, I am. Why I EXPECT BOB GATES WILL oops be sending me a letter any day now asking me to join his team of top, um, technological, ah, people in white coats with pocket protectors.

Anyway, on the subject of the book I have just finished, it is to be called Dolci di Love. What do you think?

Naming books is a funny old business. House of Daughters was originally The House of Peine in New Zealand but my UK publishers thought that sounded like a horror story. My argument was that they could look at the cover and read the blurb and pretty quickly find out that it wasn't but my argument didn't count for much so they changed it to House of Joie which was at least French but then at the last minute they thought no one would understand Joie so changed it to Joy.

Personally, I thought House of Joy sounded like the name Tony Soprano would have chosen if Ba-Da-Bing was already taken but there you have it.

My US publishers thought House of Joy as deeply uninspiring as I did and so we came up with House of Daughters, which I actually loved and wish I had thought of in the first place.

With my new book, my original idea was to call it Dolci for the Down at Heart although that was a bit of a mouthful so my agent Stephanie came up with Dolci di Love.

Gosh, I'm plum tuckered out after all this update. I had better go and get some rest in case Bill Bates's letter arrives and I have to iron my white coat and polish my pocket protector.



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