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I was lucky enough to talk my husband into coming to see Eclipse, the latest in the Twilight saga, at the weekend. We have quite a good system where I will go to things he wants to see and he will come to things I want to see. What he doesn't realize is that I like to see everything so I get huge brownie points, say, for going to see The A Team when in fact I was gagging to see it anyway. My friend Noriko did the hair and make up for Liam Neeson who I thought looked gorgeous and Bradley Cooper is easy on the eye too plus the South African guy from District 9 provided a certain quirky humour. It was better than Ironman 2, if you ask me, although I do like Robert Downey Junior and, ever since I started subscribing to her newsletter,, Gwyneth.

Eclipse was great if you love pent-up sexual tension, which I do, unless it's my own but even then I think teenage pent-up sexual tension is an entirely different brand from the middle-aged sort. When you are 18 you have nothing to compare it to. You might think that if you never see your spunky vampire again you will die with the pain. What you don't know is that in 20 years time you will feel exactly the same way about missing the bus and arriving late at the store thereby missing out on getting the pair of shoes you'd been ogling for weeks at half price.

I watched a great movie on television the other night too: Gran Torino directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. It's a a real tear jerker. Not a big exploding movie but a tight story set in a small world. Clint Eastwood plays a sort of Dirty Harry grown old and being swamped in the suburbs by the very people he was sent to Korea to get rid of in the war. It sort of makes you understand why old people can be so fecking grouchy but don't watch it if you have had Political Correctness implants.



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