This is just a quick check to see if there is anyone out there. In case you didn't realize, writers spend most of the time on their own, staring at a computer. For years this has been a one way street but now that I have worked out how to post comments, it need not be. Now, my computer could start giving something back if you were so kind as to help it along a tads. The reason I wasn't responding to earlier comments when I first started the blog was that they were rather rudely going straight into my junk file where I never saw them so could not approve them and post them. I've talked to my junk file now and told it to pull its socks up or I'll re-subscribe to the penis extension data base. That'll learn it.

It's winter where I live at Muriwai Beach, New Zealand - there's a photo if you scroll down in the Travel section of the website. It can be a bit wild on the west coast of this country but visitors say watching the wind and rain come and go is better than television. This is just as well because when there is a lot of wind and rain, there is no television.



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