It's Only Words...

My cousin Matthew and his wife Barbara have been staying this weekend and we're having a blitz, as my mother would say, on words that drive us crazy. I loathe the over use of the word "awesome" because it used to mean something that truly inspired awe and now it's the what someone says if they like your trainers. Barbara has a similar issue with "Irregardless" which is not a word but is how people sometimes start a sentence when they actually mean "Regardless". She and I both don't care for "whilst" because "while" will do perfectly nicely, thank you. We had to throw in a bit of Sarah Palin on the "refudiate" front and then I told them about my Peruvian stepfather-in-law who asked my mother-in-law why people talked so much about festivals but never had them. She questioned his sanity, but then he said, "No, they say festival I go to the store and then afterwards to the beach." What he means, of course, is "First of all"!

Irregardless of my displeasure in the use of refudiation, my husband and cousin are having an awesome time taunting me whilst also confusing your with you're. I'm going to ignore them both, but festival I'll have breakfast.



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