Writing Makes You Fat

Bindi makes a comment below about putting on weight while reading my books. Let me tell you, I was the size of a house by the time I finished writing Blessed Are the CHEESEMAKERS and By BREAD ALONE. I ate nothing but washed rind or blue cheese for about three years and followed that up with two years of sourdough bread. I'm not gluten or lactose intolerant but I jolly well should be. Researching champagne was actually quite slimming by comparison and Dolci di Love, which I've just finished, really only involves cantucci, or biscotti, and a person can really only eat so much of that before feeling sick and swearing off sugar for a week. My next book is going to involve a lot of honey. Let me tell you, I love honey so much I can sometimes be found alone with just a jar of it and a funny smile on my face. My husband actually calls me a Bear of Little Brain after AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh, another honey afficionado. Actually, I played Winnie the Pooh in a school play years ago. Not so many years ago that I was little, I was about 15 at the time. I think it was the same year that I played John Travolta and sang Summer Lovin' to Caroline Hoskings who was small and cute and blonde. What can I say? Being tall and not cute and dark in an all-girls' school has more downsides than you can poke a stick at.




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