Boy, Those Swedes

We've just been to see The Girl Who Played With Fire, the sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Actually, we took a refresher course before going to Fire by watching Tattoo on DVD. This, by the way, is a lot of Swedish blood and gore for a 24 hour period. I loved the first two of Steig Larsson's millenium trilogy books but didn't quite make it through the third. However, I will see the third movie because I think they're very well done. And while it's massively complicated to read all those Swedish names written down, it's less distracting when they're on screen and far more easily identifiable as "giant blonde man who doesn't feel pain" or "creepy lawyer with shameful tattoo". The bit of Sweden that Tattoo was set in didn't make me gag to be there but Fire is largely in Stockholm and it looks amazing, Salander's riverside apartment especially. Interesting to see that Swedish people buy everything at Ikea too.



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