A Spring in my Step

Where does the time go? I could swear I only saw that Swedish move five minutes ago. I guess it's true what the old folks say, that time really does fly. I guess I am an old folk now. Bugger. I felt particularly old taking my god-daughter and nephew to see Step Up 3D a week or so ago, let me tell you. Not having kids of my own it's easy to get out of step. I didn't realise they had computers in schools now days. What next - calculators? The other thing about not having kids of your own is that you expect other peoples' to stay the same size they were when you last saw them. I have a very difficult time adjusting to small fry growing to be medium sized fry and using words of many syllables. It's freaky. They should stop it.

Now, on the subject of my new book, Dolci di Love, I should know in the next wee while when it will be coming out in New Zealand and, hurrah, Australia. It may not be called Dolci di Love in these parts because dolci is not a common word unless you are Italian here whereas in the US it's often the word for dessert.

First day of spring in Auckland, New Zealand, and it's a beautiful warm sunny day. I've just taken the dog for a walk and found a red cashmere sweater on sale so I am full of the joy of the season!




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