Publication date for Dolci Down Under

It is with great pleasure that I can now announce that my new book, known as Dolci di Love, will be published in New Zealand and Australia in April/May next year. It comes out around the same time in the US. I'm pretty excited about being published in Australia but it's a reallysurprised sort of excitement because actually I thought I already was. This is not the sort of finger-on-the-pulse attention to career details for which I would like to be known. I did think it was a bit odd I could never find any of my books in the shops over there but as it's too embarrassing to ask for your own book in a bookstore (I gave up after the first 100 times) I just assumed my novels were either sold out or in the back room "waiting for someone to take the 3-for-the-price-of-2 stickers off" which is so far my least favourite excuse for not being able to find them. Anyway, I am aiming to write a book a year from now on (hah!) so am already at work on the next one, tentatively titled Please Sugar Honey. Although when I say "at work" what I actually mean is that I am mostly just eating a lot of honey.



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