That colour of year again?

I'm about to jump on a plane and go to Fiji to catch up with a couple of the girls from my book club. For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, this probably seems like the height of dedication to reading but from New Zealand, where I live at the moment, Fiji is only a three hour flight and not that expensive to get to. For the past three years my friend Cath and I have gone with Miranda to the house she shares with a group of friends on Denarau Island near Nadi. There, we practice yoga and eat carrot sticks and pray for spiritual guidance. Oh, no, hang on, that's not us, that's Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. We drink cocktails, lie in the sun, argue over who's going to go to the bakery and yes we do read books. It's glorious. The only thing that's not glorious is that we are still in the middle of a quite wintry spring here so I had to go and buy a swimming costume yesterday and it was not pretty. I almost wanted to cancel the trip. I kept trying on and trying on and trying on convinced that eventually one of those suits would make me look like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. None of them did. I looked pale and pudgy. And pale and pudgy is not a look I am going for. Hopefully by the time I get back from Fiji, I will at least not be pale. The pudgy I fear is here to stay...



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