Bula bula!

Yesterday afternoon I didn't even know what a tamarind was, and now I can put one in a margarita. Oh yes! This is what being on holiday is all about. I'm staying on Denarau Island in Fiji with my friends Miranda, Cath and Bridget and it's the sort of blissful vacation where all you talk about is food and people you know and food and people you don't know and food. I had brought the Patron tequila (I'm so down with da drinks) and a bottle of cointreau duty free and Miranda knew the recipe for the tamarind margaritas so went to the market and bought one. For the record, tamarinds are disgusting. At first I thought it looked like something that had been removed from the abdominal cavity of a very old fat man, but on closer inspection it was actually more like the squashed bodies of king prawns mashed up with fresh dates. Still, disgusting. However, mulch it all up with some water and remove the prawny bits and it makes a paste which when applied to a blender with sugar syrup and hooch (4 parts tequila, 3 parts tamarind, 1 part cointreau, 1 part sugar syrup) makes one very tasty holiday tipple. One is good, two is better, three and you wake up in Mexico - so beware. (I stopped after two, so I'm still in Fiji.)



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