Well, That Happened...

I cannot believe that only five days ago I was lying around a pool in Fiji with my girlfriends. Now I am in Wellington wearing two layers of cashmere (mmmm) and watching the tan slide off my skin and land in a dark shadow on the floor beneath my chair. There must be a way to make that holiday glow last longer. If anyone can think of it, please let me know. All I can think of is that I need another holiday. Like, right now. This minute.

OK, so that didn't work. Tomorrow I head back to Auckland where I think I live. It's been a few months since I was there and in that time I have learnt so many new exciting things that I forgot my Auckland address. That's lame, I know, but actually not as lame as it sounds because we had only lived there for three weeks when we ended up moving to Wellington for my husband to work.

Confused of Who Knows Where




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