In The Name Of Love...

I'm a tiny wee bit excited as we are going to see U2 in concert tonight at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland. The last time U2 played here, I didn't get tickets and could not get my hands on any so was bitter and twisted and actually went off them a tads. This time I joined the fan club and glued myself to the computer to get the first cab off the rank come ticket time. Unfortunately, I buggered that up, so had to get my husband to join the fan club and glue myself to the computer to get the first cab off the rank a second time. As a result, we have tickets in the Red Zone which is the bit up close to Bono's leather trousers where the proceeds go to Africa (proceeds from the Red Zone that is, not the trousers). I saw them in Wellington about 21 years ago but it was a strange experience as my sister and I had just found out that day that our father had terminal cancer. It's funny but all the best concerts I have been to lately are performers I have loved for decades: George Michael remains at the top of the list (I saw him in London when he was the first musician to play at the new Wembley stadium and again this year when he played in Sydney), and I saw Madonna a few years ago at Madison Square Garden (I'd seen her twentysomething years ago too, also at Wembley)) but last year The Cure came to NZ and that was fab too. One day I will discover someone new. But not today.



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