Merry Christmas!

Not for me the last minute shopping, office partying and evil tempers on the roads this Christmas. Myself and the Ginger husband have just got back from a week on Tokoriki Island in Fiji. No phones, no cars, no shops, no TV, no nothing but swimming in the ocean or the pool, lying in the sun, snorkelling on the reef, schlepping down to the outdoor restaurant for delicious food and cocktails and sleeping. Bliss. Sheer bliss. I put my running shoes on once and got a blister walking to the restaurant so I took them off again. I'm lucky not to have bedsores I was horizontal so much of the time. It was a rude shock arriving back in the city (they have automobiles!) late Christmas Eve but on December 26 we are off again down to the South Island to walk the Hollyford Track. We will have three more days of no cars and no phones but this time I will not be able to abandon my shoes! See you all in 2011. Love and kisses, Sarah-Kate.




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