Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! So far 2011 has been fabulous. I've been to the beach, and to the forest, and eaten more yummy food than my waistband is happy with. But I've already managed two whole alcohol free days so that must count for something.
My resolutions are to have more elevenses, since it's 2011, and also to do one less thing a day so I'm not always running late for everything. Today is my first day of doing that and so far it has worked out OK. But it is only 2pm and in fact I'm not doing anything except working so it's not a very good example, but still.

In other resolution-based news, for the first time ever I AM a resolution. My friend Paul who now lives in Hong Kong and who had forgotten to be in touch for a couple of years tracked me down to the middle of nowhere on New Year's Day and left a message telling me I was his New Year's resolution. It felt fantastic! Of course it took him nearly a week to actually get to talk to me but that would be because I gave him the wrong phone number and he was leaving messages with a perfect stranger who was not his New Year's Eve resolution.

Next year I am going to resolve to be not quite so stupid.



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