Like many others I've resolved this year to come to grips with facebook. I thought the fax would never take off so I don't know why I thought social networking would go away. And it hasn't. What's wrong with email, I ask you? Mind you, I was reminded by a 12-year-old yesterday that people my age don't know how to "roll" in the 21st Century. I didn't know how to roll last century either if that's any help. Which it isn't. Anyway, I had a facebook lesson with my younger brother Tom which at least helped explain why everybody else's friends seemed to be on my facebook page, and he also changed my privacy settings so that the bowel movements of the friends of those friends weren't cluttering up my whatever-it-is. I can at least now see how facebook can work if you know what you are doing and one day I hope to be in that position. In the meantime, I still break out in a sweat when I send or post anything in case it's going to the Pope or my mother by mistake. I further improved my understanding of the medium by going to the movies to see The Social Network and having a very nice glass of chardonnay while I was at it. Now that I know that facebook was invented so that college kids could have sex with each other, I feel a bit better about not rolling with it, as my days of having sex with college kids are over or, more truthfully, never happened. But if they had, it would have been a long, long, long time ago. Before the fax.



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